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    Modified on Thu, 28 Mar at 11:56 AM

    • 1. Go to Centre dashboard (in Tracking System application)

      2. Select: Delegates

      3. Select: Upload

      4. Select: Download delegates 

      You should always download a new excel (via ‘Download delegates’) to update and re-upload, versus using an offline copy you have saved previously.

      5. Select: the Excel download to open the spreadsheet

      6. Select: Enable Editing 

      7. Select: Delegates Bulk Upload tab

      Within the spreadsheet you can:

      • Add a new delegate
        • Add them as a new row at the bottom of your delegates (do not ‘insert row’ in between existing delegate entries)
      • Edit details of an existing delegate
        • Just replace the information in the cell rows for that delegate
      • Remove a delegate
        • They will remain on the spreadsheet, but in the ‘Active’ column on the delegates row, just change the cell entry to ‘FALSE’

      8. The following fields are mandatory and must be completed:

      • LastName
      • FirstName

      • JobGroupID- Need to add the ID # that matches the Job Group on the ‘Job Group’ tab in excel
        • If delegate was from Nursing / Midwifery, would insert ‘1’
      • Active - must contain either TRUE or FALSE usually TRUE
      • E-mail address - ensure that a unique work e-mail address is provided for each delegate (e.g. @nhs.net or nhs.uk)
      • Has PRN (professional registration number)- must contain either TRUE or FALSE. If set to TRUE a PRN will be required in the next field

      • PRN - add a PRN if previous prompt is set to TRUE, can be left blank if previous field set to FALSE

      9. Optional fields:

      • AliasID – Leave blank – this is no longer an active field.

      • Answer1-6 – if your centre has set up additional registration question prompts the answers can be recorded here
      • See Managing registration prompts for the prompts we asked you to set up. It is important the answers you write in this spreadsheet are the exact same wording as the optional answers you setup (otherwise it will create an error)
      • If you do not complete this information in the excel, delegates can also complete it later once registered in their ‘My account’ tab

      Do not edit the title of the columns or add / remove existing rows in the spreadsheet.

      10. Add all the new delegates then Save (locally) and close the spreadsheet

      Do not edit the name of the spreadsheet when you save it.

      11. Return to your browser (the ‘Bulk upload/update delegates screen’)

      12. Select: Start upload

      13. Select: Send welcome email to the registered delegates. 

      14. Select Choose file (the spreadsheet with your new delegate registrations)

      15. Select: Upload and process

      A summary of new and updated delegate records will be provided. If there are any duplicates (i.e. same delegate on two rows) or errors in the Excel this will be flagged. If this happens, re-download the excel again and fix.

      16. Select: Manage all delegates

      17. You will be returned to Delegates where you can view the new delegates registrations.

      You will not have to 'approve' new delegates registered via bulk upload.

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