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    Modified on Wed, 12 Jun at 9:18 AM

    • 1. Go to Centre dashboard (in the Tracking System application)

      2. Select Delegates from the navigation menu

      3. Select Uploads

      4. Select the relevant bulk upload option:

      A. downloads a blank template for you to bulk register new delegates.
      B. downloads a file with existing delegates to update existing delegate data.

      A. Download a blank template for bulk delegate registration

      • Once the file has been downloaded, locate the file on your computer- by default the file downloads into the 'Downloads' folder.
      • Open the spreadsheet and click 'Enable editing' to make the necessary modifications.

      • For each new delegate, complete all relevant personal information - First name, Last name, Email address, and PRN number (if applicable)
      • Job Group - select the delegate's relevant 'job group' from the drop-down list.
      • Programme of study/course - select the programme the delegate will be registered for from the available drop-down list.
      • Organisation - select the organisation the delegate belongs to.

      • Department - Select the department the delegate belongs to.

      • Active - must contain either TRUE or FALSE, usually TRUE

        E-mail address - ensure that a unique work e-mail address is provided for each delegate (e.g. @nhs.net or NHS.uk)

        Has PRN (professional registration number)- must contain either TRUE or FALSE. If set to TRUE a PRN will be required in the next field

      • PRN - add a PRN if the previous prompt is set to TRUE, it can be left blank if 'Has PRN' is set to FALSE

      2.   Follow the above guidance to add all the new delegates, then Save (locally) and close the spreadsheet

      B. Download existing delegates for bulk update and registration 

      1. Once the file has been downloaded, locate the file on your device - by default the file downloads into the 'Downloads' folder.
      2. Open the Excel file and click 'Enable editing' to make the necessary modifications.

      3. Follow the above guidance to modify and add additional delegates. Please note that the DelegateID field should not be changed for existing records. This field should be left blank when adding new registrations.

      Upload the 'Bulk upload' file

      1. Click on the 'Choose file' button under 'Upload file' to upload the spreadsheet you saved locally in the previous step.

      2. Select the Start Upload button.

      3. Select Continue upon receiving the 'Delegate file uploaded' message

      If error/s have been flagged in your upload, please resolve them before re-uploading the file following step 2.

      4. Set a date when you would like to send out a welcome message to new the delegates registered and select Next

      Add delegates to a Group

      Select the relevant option to add delegates to a new or existing group. Select 'Skip this step' if you do not wish to add delegates to a group.

      5. Select Next to continue processing

      6. Review the Summary screen and if necessary make changes.

      7. Select Finish and process delegate

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